Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stress Management Techniques

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Introduction to Stress Management 
What you need to know about stress
The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale 
Understanding the impact of long-term stress
Burnout Self-Test 
Testing yourself for burnout
Stress Diary 
Identifying the short-term stress in your life

Action-Based Strategies

Job Analysis 
Zeroing in on what your job's about
Managing Your Boundaries 
Ensuring that others respect your needs

Perception-Based Strategies

Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker? 
Learn about – and change – how you think
Cognitive Restructuring 
Reducing stress by changing the way you think
Mental stress management

Coping Strategies

Toffler's Stability Zones 
Finding peace amid chaos
Meditation for Stress Management 
Simple meditation techniques
How to be Patient 
Learning to stay calm
Ready for a Real Vacation? 
Preparing to make the most of your precious time
Surviving Business Travel
Minimizing stress during business trips

Managing Performance Stress

Performance Planning 
Planning ahead to reduce performance stress
Gaining control before a performance

Relaxation and Sleep

Physical Relaxation Techniques 
Deep breathing, PMR and the 'Relaxation Response'
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 
Starting each day fresh, and full of energy

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

How Self-Confident Are You? 
Improving self-confidence by building self-efficacy
Building Self-Confidence 
Prepare yourself for success
Boosting Your Self-Esteem 
Improving the way you feel about yourself
Beating Self-Sabotage 
Recognizing and overcoming it

Anger Management

How Good is Your Anger Management? 
Controlling your anger before it controls you
Anger Management
Learning to control aggression

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